Inspire Excellence Learning Partnership



For those who belong to the Inspire Excellence Learning Partnership our name is important to us, because it reflects and encapsulates our vision: To enthuse, encourage and empower every individual to achieve the very highest standards in all that they do.

This passion for educational excellence is born out of three fundamental truths which resonate deeply:

  1. Children only have one life and one chance at an education and so they must receive the best education possible.
  2. Education has the power to transform society by improving lives and maximising life chances.
  3. All human beings have the potential to achieve much more than they ever imagined possible.

Therefore, we are totally committed to providing an education of the highest possible quality for every single young person that we have the privilege of working with. And when we refer to an education of the highest possible quality, this is what we mean: “An education whereby exceptional academic success is combined with the acquisition and development of essential life-skills and personal qualities, through exciting and life-affirming experiences in and out of school.”

Through our educational provision, we aim to enthuse, encourage
and empower all of our young people to:

  • make every day count by being the best that they can be in all they do.
  • feel good about themselves and their considerable achievements.
  • be prepared take the next steps of their educational journey with confidence.
  • become well-rounded, employable citizens in modern Britain.
  • develop a love of learning that will stay with them for life

And, as we go about our core business of providing an education of the highest possible quality, we want to become  known as a Trust which is not just focussed on what we do but how we do it.
We therefore strive to  be unequivocally child centred, putting the educational needs and future aspirations of young people at the centre of everything that we do and being prepared to go the extra mile for them.
We are  committed to ensuring  that all of our schools are happy, friendly, safe, caring and aspirational communities , where every child feels well-known, well looked after and supported to aim high every day.

We are also committed to investing in staff wellbeing, so that all staff feel cared for, valued, inspired and professionally equipped to do their jobs to the highest possible standard. As well as being vital for their   own sense of self-worth and satisfaction in the workplace, we believe that creating and maintaining a happy, positive workforce is the best way of sustaining an education of the highest possible quality for our children and young people.

As we strive to provide the best education possible, we look the latest research and the best that is thought and taught from around the world…in order to make a difference locally.
 The trust exists to serve the needs of young people in the local geographical area and to make a positive impact in the local community. Therefore, we aim to ensure that each school retains its own distinct identity and character and makes full use of what the local community has to offer, in order to best meet the needs of learners within its own particular context. Therefore, it is also imperative that local governing bodies are not just ‘advisory boards’ but have a high level of delegated, earned autonomy so that local board members can make decisions and drive improvement at local level.


Our Trust is built on the following core values which inform our decision-making, shape our growth and inspire us to keep a clear and unswerving focus on enthusing, encouraging empowering every individual to be the best that they can be.

  • Excellence. Everyone associated with the Trust has the potential to reach the very highest of standards in everything that they do. Therefore, we benchmark with the best, never settle for mediocrity and seek to make ‘being exceptional’ and ‘exceeding expectations’ the norm.


  • Inclusivity. Everyone associated with the trust is equally valued and respected as a unique individual with enormous  potential who has something precious and worthwhile to contribute to the whole. Individuals and teams are actively encouraged and supported to have ownership, take responsibility, demonstrate a ’can-do’ attitude, make decisions and believe that they can achieve great things.


  • Collaboration. Life is not a solo activity but a team pursuit, where we need each order to thrive and succeed. Therefore, exemplary relationships, which take full account of each others’ viewpoints and wellbeing, are actively promoted and always expected.
  • Innovation. We are always prepared to ask searching questions, to ‘think outside of the box’ for answers and take calculated risks in order to make things better.


  • Resilience. Trying and failing should be seen as a valuable learning experience and ongoing hard work is the right response to challenging circumstances.


  • Integrity. In everything that we do, from talking to children to using tax-payers’ money, we aim to operate in the most responsible, ethical, trustworthy and authentic way possible.


The reasons listed below constitute the key benefits associated with joining the Inspire Excellence Learning Partnership

Being part of a close-knit family of schools where deep and mutual support is integral to the process of ongoing school improvement.

Regular, ongoing sharing of best-practice and mutual support with like-minded professionals who have a vested interest in your success.

Opportunities for staff to work in a variety of other schools, actively contributing to the harnessing of expertise and the cross-fertilisation of ideas across different phases of education.

Exciting opportunities for students to engage in learning, extra-curricular and personal development activities in a variety of schools.

High quality and extensive investment in staff CPD, wellbeing and leadership opportunities.

Retaining a strong voice through regular consultation on the vision, values, operation, growth and development of the Trust.

A strong central team, offering high level of expertise in key areas.

Strong links to a wide range of external educational professionals, organisations and networks.

Official partnership arrangements with RSA Central Academies Trust, a well-established and successful MAT, for the purposes of support and collaboration.

Close proximity to other trust schools to facilitate meaningful collaboration and the efficient sharing of resources.

Financial efficiencies which can then be directed towards further improving the education of young people. These benefits are secured in the following ways:
Strong purchasing power.
Economies of scale.
Negotiation of cost-effective Service Level Agreements.
Sharing human and physical resources between schools.
For LA schools, the payment of a management fee which is less than LA’s ‘top-slice.’

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